明仁上皇様のハゼの研究(Study of goby by Emperor Akihito)

2019/10/22 ブログ





 明仁上皇が研究されていたハゼは、海岸の砂浜や川が海に流れ込む汽水域でよく見かける魚です。小学生や釣りの初心者が、投げ釣りをして釣りあげています。ハゼは美味しい魚でもあり、良く天ぷらに調理されています。以前、江の島に流れ込む境川の汽水域を水中ドローンInspector 1で探索した時に、数多く見かけました。残念ながら、ハゼの種類が見分けられるほど、鮮明には映っていませんでした。水中ドローンで水中を探索していると、多くのお魚やカニ、エビなどを見かけます。これら生物は絶えず動いているので、それを水中ドローンで追いかけることは、少し難しくなります。水中ドローンの運転に習熟していても、現行の水中ドローンの性能では、水中の魚の動きに合わせて水中撮影することは難しいです。生物を見かけたら、むやみに追い回しては上手く撮影できません。水中ドローンをゆっくりと近づけて静止させる、または着底させて待ちましょう。特に水中ドローンを着底させると周囲の堆積物を巻き上げるので、魚が寄ってくる傾向があります。水中ドローンで海の生物の撮影する場合、着底させる技術は必要だと思います。

Study of goby by Emperor Akihito

Today, the ceremonial ceremony is held. It's a pity that it's raining, but it seems that a lot of key people are coming from other countries and making progress. It is regrettable that Typhoon No. 19 is seriously damaged and that it is a time of celebration at the corner, but I cannot be honestly pleased. The parade was also postponed to next month. However, since it is time to work hard for recovery, I hope that it will be a good celebration.

Now, Emperor Naruhito is now studying medieval history such as the Edo period in Japan. I think research in the fields of society and history is very useful for foreign visits and imperial diplomacy. On the other hand, Emperor Showa studied biology and published many books on hydrozoa inhabiting the sea. There are 33 new species of hydroworms announced by Emperor Showa, including Sagamitabaki Sergaya. Hydrozoa refers to animals that have the form of polyps. Animals with polyp morphology can survive forever. It is also famous that Emperor Akihito was studying a fish called goby. Emperor Akihito reported six new goby species and published 33 papers. Of the 33 papers, 4 are published in peer-reviewed foreign journals. I think it was hard for Emperor Akihito to interact with a scientific journal reviewer in the midst of the imperial duties. The research results of Emperor Showa and Emperor Akihito are on display at the NEW Enoshima Aquarium in Enoshima. If you are interested, please check it out.

The goby that Emperor Akihito was studying is a fish often found in brackish waters where sandy beaches and rivers flow into the sea. Elementary school students and beginners of fishing are fishing by throwing. The goby is also a delicious fish and is often cooked in tempura. In the past, I saw many Sakaigawa brackish waters flowing into Enoshima when I searched underwater drone Inspector 1. Unfortunately, it wasn't clear enough to distinguish the type of goby. If you are exploring underwater with an underwater drone, you will see many fish, crabs and shrimps. Since these creatures are constantly moving, it is a little difficult to follow them with an underwater drone. Even if you are familiar with underwater drone driving, underwater drone performance makes it difficult to shoot underwater in time with the movement of fish underwater. If you see a living thing, you can't shoot well by chasing it. Let the underwater drone slowly approach and stop, or let it settle down and wait. In particular, when an underwater drone is grounded, the surrounding sediments are rolled up, so there is a tendency for fish to approach. If you want to shoot sea creatures with an underwater drone, I think that it is necessary to have a technique to make it settle down.