サイエンスアゴラ2019まで10日です。(10 days until Science Agora 2019.)

2019/11/06 ブログ



 この企画は、「科学」と「社会」の関係をより深めていくことを目的としています。研究者や科学者、産業界から行政関係者、学生から一般市民まで、対話するオープンフォーラムを目指している企画です。「アゴラ」とは、ギリシャ語で「広場」という意味だそうです。今回のテーマは「Human in the New Age, ―どんな未来を生きていく?」です。水中ドローンも含めてドローンの進化、AIの発達、カメラ性能の向上、遺伝子操作技術の進化など、科学技術が現在進行形で発展し、生活のあらゆる場面で利用されています。ここで一つ質問があります。進化する科学技術の中で、私たちはどのような生活が、望ましいのでしょうか?もちろん、個人個人で考え方が違います。極端な例では、Amish(アーミッシュ)という宗教団体があります。アーミッシュはアメリカ合衆国オハイオ州やペンシルベニア州等で、アメリカ大陸に移民してきた当時の生活様式を守り、自給自足の生活を送る人たちです。電気を使わない生活を送っているため、現代テクノロジーとは無縁です。どんなに科学技術が進化しても、変わらぬ生活を営むアーミッシュは、科学技術の進化を「不要な物」として捉えているでしょう。同様の生活を送る人々は、全世界で20万人以上いると予想されています。では、私たちはどうでしょうか?カメラの進化から人の行動に対するビッグデータを得られ、進化したAIが様々な人の行動が予測し、AIが出す「本日のおすすめメニュー」を選択する日々を、本当に受け入れられるでしょうか?その「本日のおすすめメニュー」の価格設定もAIが出す「最適価格」に設定され、私たちの意思とは別に「知らず知らずのうちに」選択するという未来を、私たちは望んでいるのでしょうか?今回のサイエンスアゴラ2019では、以上のようなテーマで、開催されます。


As previously reported, Science Agora 2019 will be held from November 15-17 at the Telecom Center Building in Tokyo Odaiba, the Japan Future Science Museum, and Symbol Promenade Park. The purpose of this project is to deepen the relationship between “science” and “society”. This project aims to be an open forum for dialogue among researchers, scientists, industry, government officials, students and the general public. “Agora” means “square” in Greek. The theme this time is "Human in the New Age,-What future will you live in?" Science and technology are currently advancing and used in every aspect of life, including drone evolution including underwater drones, AI development, improved camera performance, and genetic manipulation technology. I have one question here. What kind of life is desirable in the evolving science and technology? Of course, each person has a different way of thinking. In an extreme case, there is a religious organization called Amish. Amish is a person who lives in Ohio, Pennsylvania, USA, etc., who lived in a self-sufficiency while protecting the lifestyle of those who immigrated to the Americas. Because they live a life without electricity, they are unrelated to modern technology. No matter how science and technology evolves, Amish, who lives a life unchanged, will see the evolution of science and technology as an “unnecessary thing”. It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 people around the world living a similar life. What about us? Can you really accept the days when you can get big data on human behavior from the evolution of the camera, the advanced AI predicts the behavior of various people, and choose the “Recommended Menu of the Day” that AI will give you? The price of the “Today's recommended menu” is also set to the “optimum price” that AI will give, and we want the future to choose “unknowingly” separately from our intentions. Wow? This year's Science Agora 2019 will be held with the above themes.

Our natural environment utilization development limited company will also screen images taken with an underwater drone in line with this theme. We photographed the ocean floor near the shore, which is closely related to our lives. Our lives are closely related to the sea. Recently, plastic garbage flowing into the ocean has become a problem. Plastic trash that has fallen into the sea flows into the Pacific Ocean, but will it not stay on the coast? Also, is the embankment built in the Great East Japan Earthquake really not affecting the sea? Based on such questions, we will screen the seabed of the coast taken with an underwater drone. This time, Sagami Bay is the main shooting location. Actually, I was thinking of shooting more places, but I couldn't shoot as I expected because of the storm of typhoons. It is really a pity.