水中ドローンによる採水と採泥(Water sampling and sediment sampling using underwater drone)

2020/01/29 ブログ


 さて、今回は水中ドローンを用いた採水と採泥について、お話しします。現在、水中ドローンは海や湖の中を撮影するだけの機器として、利用されています。空中ドローンも同様なので、ドローンと言えば用途は「映像撮影」と捉えている方が多いと思います。もっとも、最近では空中ドローンによる宅配なども考えられているようです。ただ、多くの規制があり、航行可能時間も30-40分の空中ドローンが、どの程度荷物を運べるのか、疑問です。時速80kmの高速空中ドローンでも、30分間で往復できる距離は最大20kmです。しかし、電波が届く範囲が最大でも2 km未満なので、結局宅配に利用するためには、基地局などのインフラが必要となるでしょう。よく田舎なら空中ドローンで宅配できるという方がいます。しかし、山間部などの複雑な地形ではドローンへ電波は届きにくく、例えインフラを作っても、ドローン利用による宅配は困難かもしれません。




The weather, which is unlikely to be January, continues. After all, there was almost no snow in Tokyo yesterday. Snow did not fall even in Manaduru town which is warmer than Tokyo. However, it was snowing in Hakone and there was a place where it was piled up about 20cm at a time. After that, it turned into rain, so it did not become heavy snow as originally forecast. Overall there was no major disruption to transportation and it was good. It was really good that there were no major car accidents due to freezing the road or snowfall. Driving a car on a frozen road surface is difficult, and if you slip, you will not be able to control the vehicle.

Now, let's talk about water sampling and mud sampling using an underwater drone. At present, underwater drones are used as equipment that only shoots in the sea or lake. Aerial drones are the same, so I think many people think of drones as "video shooting". However, recently, it seems that delivery by air drone is also considered. However, there are many restrictions, and it is doubtful how much an aerial drone can carry luggage, which can travel for 30-40 minutes. Even a high speed aerial drone with a speed of 80 km / h can travel up to 20 km in 30 minutes. However, since the range of the radio waves is less than 2 km at the maximum, infrastructure such as base stations will be required for home delivery. Some people in the countryside can use aerial drones for home delivery. However, on complex terrain such as mountainous areas, radio waves are difficult to reach the drone, and even if infrastructure is created, home delivery using the drone may be difficult.

On the other hand, underwater drones can be used for more than video shooting. It is water sampling and mud sampling. Sample water is required for scientific analysis, such as water quality testing, plankton collection, and separation of useful microorganisms. Until now, places where water could be collected were limited to coasts and breakwaters. Of course, if you use an oceanographic research boat or boat, the sampling point is not particularly limited. However, there are many places where such large machines cannot be carried. In addition, the cost of operating the ship and the labor costs of the seafarers are also incurred. Underwater drones operate from embankments and coastal to offshore, where water can be sampled. In addition, it is possible to collect water at different depths, and it will provide much more than scientific analysis, such as underwater images of water sampling points. Fine water sampling, which required a scientific research vessel, can now be easily performed with underwater video data. The Natural Environment Development Partnership also conducts water sampling and mud sampling using underwater drones. Please contact us for equipment and price.