豪華クルーズ船ダイヤモンドプリンセス号の船内感染とドローン輸送の可能性(Infection of luxury cruise ship Diamond Princess and potential for drone transport)

2020/02/06 ブログ





It seems that the new coronavirus is spreading on the Diamond Princess. The number of infected people has already increased to 20. Today, we carried about 3,700 passengers and crew, and arrived at Daikoku Pier in Yokohama Port. Passengers are being screened for the new coronavirus in sequence, and have already infected 20 people. This was almost the same number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Japan until the day before. Although it is a luxury cruise liner, there are many opportunities to interact with each other, such as buffets, and it can be said that infection is inevitable in limited space on the ship. It was just a luxury cruise liner, so I was fortunate that there was a lot of material on board. I could afford to extend the voyage a little. However, it seems that the supplies of foodstuffs etc. were really gone, so the Diamond Princess arrived at the shore, loaded, and got off the ship infected with the new coronavirus.
Knowing this news, I thought that this was the opportunity for drones to be active. Transport of goods by drone can be performed without contact between people. Large aerial drones can transport some goods. Also, since the aerial drone flies over the sea, it will not hurt anyone if it falls. There may be some reason why we couldn't use an aerial drone. The Diamond Princess “departed” because it had entered foreign ports such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Therefore, it will be treated the same as a foreign country until you arrive at the shore and enter Japan. As a result, when transporting goods from Japan to the Diamond Princess, it is worth the export and the procedure becomes complicated. Well, it seems that the berthing schedule had been decided, so it would be a judgment that transportation of goods would not be so rushed.
We did not transport goods by drone this time, but it is not guaranteed that similar incidents will occur in the future. If you have a very contagious and dangerous patient, such as Ebola or West Nile fever, you need to deliver as much material as possible to your ship at sea. Of course, contact between people when transporting goods to ships is dangerous. So drones should be used. After approaching the rescue boat by ship, it is desirable to transport light supplies such as medicines by airborne drone, and to load heavy goods such as food and water on a simple boat and tow by underwater drone. However, with today's underwater drones, the propulsion is too low to tow the boat. As a late drone nation, Japan will focus on powering up underwater drones, and if it develops, it will catch up with the leading China and the United States.
This natural environment utilization development partnership rents the current underwater drone. I think that underwater drones will be used more often in the future, so why not try using existing underwater drones?