新型コロナウイルスに感染したかも?その時に飲むお薬( Did you become infected with the new coronavirus? Medicine to take at that time)

2020/03/18 ブログ











 昨今、頭痛用、鼻炎用など症状に対応した風邪薬が市販されています。その中の一つ、鼻炎用風邪薬ストナジェルサイナスです。これにもアセトアミノフェンが含まれていました。1日の摂取量もPL顆粒の2.5倍の900 mgでした。このストナジェルサイナスは特別な禁忌事項はありません。個人的には、服用すると眠くなる程度で、良くある鼻炎用風邪薬だなぁという印象でした。この薬なら、新型コロナウイルスに感染したかも?と感じた時に飲む薬の候補ですね。









The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has exceeded 100 in Tokyo. Tokyo is a densely populated city, so it may be inevitable even if the number of infected people is high. However, at the same time, Kasumigaseki, which is involved in national administration, is also an important city. Be careful not to be infected by the new coronavirus, and have you been infected with the new coronavirus such as fever? When you think, resting at home is the best. However, when the symptoms may worsen, they are also anxious.


Drugs effective against new type coronavirus


News has been released this morning to raise concerns about the spread of the infection. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), acetaminophen may be effective as a drug to reduce the symptoms of a new coronavirus infection. Ibuprofen should not be taken. Both are widely used as medicinal ingredients in medicines marketed in Japan. However, you need to be careful because some medicines use both ibuprofen and acetaminophen. For now, I looked at the ingredients of the medicine at home.


General cold medicine pylon PL granules (Shionogi Healthcare)


Previously, it was a drug that could not be prescribed without a doctor's prescription. When I went to the hospital with a cold, it was a medicine that was prescribed frequently. This drug contained acetaminophen. The daily intake was 360mg. However, these PL granules do contain salicylamide. Salicylamide has the effect of exacerbating bronchial asthma. In addition, the drug should not be taken by flu patients. If you think you were infected with the new coronavirus, but you were actually infected with influenza, PL granules may not be good.


Stoner gel sinus (SATO) for colds for rhinitis


Recently, cold medicines are available on the market for symptoms such as headaches and rhinitis. One of them is Stonagel sinus, a cold medicine for rhinitis. This also contained acetaminophen. The daily intake was 900 mg, 2.5 times that of PL granules. This stona gel sinus has no special contraindications. I personally felt that it was sleepy when taken, and it was a common cold remedy for rhinitis. With this drug, could you be infected with the new coronavirus? It is a candidate for medicine to take when you feel that.


Benza Block IP Plus for Cold Medicine for Headache (Takeda)


The cold medicine Benzablock IP Plus Tablets for fever and headache is my favorite cold medicine. It is a medicine to take when you have a cold for the time being, not only for fever and headache. Although it contains acetaminophen, it also contains ibuprofen, so it is not suitable as a drug for this new type of coronavirus infection.


Headache Relief Tylenol A (Johnson End Johnson)


I don't want to take anything other than acetaminophen! I think that some people. Tylenol A is a headache remedy that I took great care when I lived in the United States before. This Tylenol A contains only acetaminophen. Because it literally stops headaches, it does not relieve cough symptoms when the new coronavirus is infected.


Recently, more and more people are playing on the beach to avoid the new coronavirus. Even if the sea breeze is constantly flowing and the virus is drifting, it can be played with confidence because it is blown off. I don't really know, but better ventilation can prevent infection, so it doesn't seem like a lie. School is closed and children are getting stressed. How about coming to the sea and enjoying fishing? Exploring the sea with an underwater drone would be a good recreation. In that case, please use our underwater drone rental service. The spring sea is also full of fish.