新型コロナウイルスは、中国武漢の研究所から流出したのか?(Has the New Coronavirus Leaked from a Research Center in Wuhan, China?)

2020/05/04 ブログ





「家で過ごそう」が、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止のフレーズになっています。当自然環境活用開発合同会社も、水中ドローンで撮影した水中映像もYouTubeにアップロードしております。在宅時に楽しんでいただきたいと思います。江の島や真鶴の海、河口湖などを撮影しております。ポストコロナの外出時には、是非当社の水中ドローンレンタルサービスをご利用下さい。魚群探知機が搭載されたPowerRayや4K水中動画が撮影できるCCROV、高機能水中ドローンInspector 1をレンタルしております。新しい映像コンテンツの制作にもご利用下さい。

The emergency declaration has been extended until May 31 to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. It seems that the cancellation will be reconsidered around May 14th. Prime Minister Abe said he would create a new daily life in the corona era, but I think it would be a huge task for Japan, which lacks the resources to deal with infectious diseases. First, there is an increase in personnel and facility costs associated with the expanding role of public health centers. It is possible to increase the budget, which has been steadily reducing until now, but there is no human resource. There is a shortage of human resources to educate public health in order to develop them. Most of the specialists who are “familiar with infectious diseases” are now specialists in molecular biology. Those who are studying the molecular mechanism of how viruses and pathogens infect humans, mainly for drug development. Nowadays, the specialists needed are specialists in how to live an everyday life to prevent infectious diseases. Unfortunately, I think there are very few in Japan. With this, it will be difficult to educate people about the public health aspects of viruses and pathogens, and to develop human resources who can safely perform inspections, for example. Technicians in general molecular biology laboratories with low biosafety levels and technicians working in dangerous laboratories with high biosafety levels have completely different experimental methods and precautions. I think there are really few well-trained technicians.


Has the new coronavirus leaked from the Virus Research Institute in Wuhan?


President Trump of the United States has indicated that he will publish a report containing "conclusive" evidence supporting the allegation that the new coronavirus leaked from a research institute in Wuhan, China. Perhaps the whole genome sequence of the virus isolated in the United States was determined and checked against the virus stored at the Virus Research Institute in Wuhan. The experimental materials used in writing a scientific paper must be well controlled. In addition, in order to make a name for itself as a virus research institute, distribute the virus strain isolated in your own research institute to researchers around the world. Of course, some researchers would have obtained it in the United States. Perhaps, among the virus researchers in the United States, researchers who ordered virus strains from the Virus Research Institute in Wuhan would collect virus strains and perform genome sequencing. As a result of comparing the genomic sequences, it is expected to be the "conclusive evidence" of this time. Is Trump's definitive proof the expected genomic sequence comparison?
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