世界で新型コロナウイルス流行の状況は?どの国で感染者が多いのか?(What is the status of the new coronavirus epidemic in the world? In which country are the people infected?)

2020/06/08 ブログ






 一方、中央アジアのイランも新規感染者が増加しています。イランの人口は約8000万人ですが、新型コロナウイルス感染者は約17万人に上ります。人口比率でいうと、既にドイツを抜いています。その上、感染が拡大しているので、今後はもっと新型コロナウイルス感染者が増加するでしょう。今、一番増加率が高いのがインドです。インドの全感染者数は25万人と、人口比から見れば少ないと言えます。しかし、ずっと右肩上がりで増加しているため、さらに感染者数は増加するでしょう。何よりも、最近サイクロン「アンファン( Amphan)」が上陸し、避難した人たちが密集してしまうという複合型災害となっています。日本も、これから台風が来るので、3密を避ける対策が必要となるでしょう。






 In Japan, the epidemic of the new coronavirus is once in a lull state, and the number of newly infected people is rarely more than 100 a day. In the future, it seems that the policy is to be alert for the second wave of the epidemic and detect and track infected clusters. Also, in order to revitalize the economy, it seems that requests are not made to close the store as much as possible, and it is requested to avoid "3 denseness". Speaking of economy, Japan in recent years has relied on foreign tourists mainly in tourist destinations. Especially, many tourists from China visited. However, at present, entry from foreign countries is almost impossible. If the epidemic of the new coronavirus does not subside even in foreign countries, it will be difficult to easily receive tourists from overseas. After all, I think it is desirable to calm down the outbreak of the new coronavirus overseas, both for the Japanese economy and for the global economy. What is the current epidemic of the new coronavirus overseas?


The infection is currently spreading in the United States, Brazil, India and Iran.


 In Europe, where the new coronavirus was epidemic for a period of time, the number of new infections is currently decreasing. On the other hand, the spread of infection has not stopped in the United States and Brazil. There is no significant increase in the number of new infections in the US, but I think this demonstration against racism will have an impact. Perhaps there will be many new infections. It doesn't make sense to speak loudly, even with a mask on. On the other hand, the number of new infections in Brazil is increasing significantly. The country's policy of not dealing with anything will go as far as it goes.

 On the other hand, the number of new infections is increasing in Iran in Central Asia. Iran has a population of about 80 million, but about 170,000 people are infected with the new coronavirus. In terms of population ratio, it is already ahead of Germany. Moreover, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus will increase in the future as the infection spreads. India has the highest rate of increase now. The total number of infected people in India is 250,000, which is small compared to the population. However, the number of people infected is likely to increase because the number of people infected is increasing all the time. Above all, the cyclone "Amphan" has recently landed, and it is a complex disaster in which people who have evacuated are crowded. In Japan as well, a typhoon will come, so it will be necessary to take measures to avoid three density.


After all, the global epidemic of the new coronavirus is not over.


 Even if the number of people infected with the new coronavirus decreases in one country and the epidemic is succeeded, it cannot be said that the pandemic has ended when the infection spreads to other countries. Furthermore, there is a risk that the new coronavirus that has spread in other countries will be mutated and the infection will spread again in Japan. Supply chain management, which imports parts from various countries in the global age, will change risk management in the future due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus. There is a risk that it will be difficult to move between countries. For the end of the pandemic, the development of vaccines and remedies is awaited.

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