メガマウスが発見されました。水中ドローンが深海に潜る時代が来るのでしょうか?(A mega mouse has been discovered. Will the age when underwater drones dive into the deep sea come?)

2020/06/12 ブログ









 現在、最も深い所まで潜航できる水中ドローンが、カナダのDEEP TREKKER 社が販売するREVOLUTIONです。水深305m(1000フィート)まで潜航できます。照度の低い深海でも鮮明な画像が録画できる4Kカメラを実装しています。4Kカメラは260度回転可能です。また、照明も最大11800ルーメンと非常に明るいLEDライトを装備しています。大容量バッテリー搭載で、8時間稼働可能です。価格は、$37,499からと日本円なら400万円程度でしょう。もし購入する場合、関税や輸送費で、450万円を超えるかもしれません。


Unclear Tokyo alert has been canceled. I think that there was no particular change, whether or not there was. At the same time, Governor Koike decided to move to step 3 of canceling the self-restraint request. Will the number of people infected with the new coronavirus increase in the future? I think it will definitely increase. From now on, many people will eat and drink while chatting without masks, especially in the downtown area at night. Even if the shop side keeps the distance between customers, it cannot prevent infection within the group. I would like to pay attention to what kind of response Governor Koike will take when the infection spreads again.


Deep sea shark "Mega Mouse" appears.


 The news that the deep-sea shark "Bicmouth" got lost in the set net along the coast of Chiba Prefecture was reported as the whole of Japan was returning to its daily routine. Originally, it is a shark that lives near the water depth of 200 m, so I can not see it at all, but it is a very rare shark. Since it is a shark that eats plankton, he seems to have escaped outside the set net under the guidance of the diver who discovered it. When such news begins to be reported, I feel that Japan's everyday life has returned. However, the news that deep-sea fish such as megamouse and Ryunotsukai appear on the coast in recent years is not uncommon. Something may have happened in the deep sea. However, it is not possible to conduct frequent surveys of deep seas with a depth of more than 200 m. It can be done by using the equipment of JAMSTEC, but it cannot be used easily. Many of the current underwater drones have a water depth of about 100m. However, recently, an underwater drone with a depth of more than 300 m has been released. It is a model that greatly exceeds the performance of conventional underwater drones.


Super high performance underwater drone "REVOLUTION"


 Currently, the deepest underwater drone that can dive is the REVOLUTION sold by DEEP TREKKER of Canada. You can dive to a depth of 305 m (1000 ft). It is equipped with a 4K camera that can record clear images even in the deep sea where the illuminance is low. The 4K camera can rotate 260 degrees. The lighting is also equipped with a very bright LED light with a maximum of 11800 lumens. Equipped with a large capacity battery, it can operate for 8 hours. Prices start at $37,499 and are around JPY 4 million in Japanese Yen. If you buy it, it may exceed 4.5 million yen due to customs duties and shipping costs.

 If the underwater drone evolves as it is, there will be a day when the underwater drone can dive into the deep sea over 1000 m deep. I think an underwater drone is a device that opens up the future of the sea. Want to touch such an underwater drone? We rent an underwater drone that can dive to a depth of 100 m. Please contact us for more information.