新型コロナウイルス流行第二波は、夜の街から(The second wave of the new coronavirus epidemic begins at night life)

2020/06/15 ブログ











 It hasn't been a week since Tokyo Alert was canceled. However, yesterday and today, in Tokyo, the number of new coronaviruses newly infected has exceeded 40. In particular, the number of restaurants is increasing, especially in the food and drink industry where customers are served at night. Governor Koike says that this is the result of aggressive PCR tests to detect new coronavirus patients. If aggressive testing had been done from the beginning, the new coronavirus infection might not have spread so far. However, in the past, there was no system for active PCR testing. It may be said that the system and organization in Tokyo against the new-type coronavirus infectious disease have become solid. On the other hand, a working team was set up to review the measures for the second wave and the measures against infectious diseases so far, and said, "In preparation for the second wave, we will do our utmost to secure a medical provision system according to the severity. ". The second wave has already started in the night town, so it will be necessary to secure the system as soon as possible.


Night town with high risk of new coronavirus infection


∙ Prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infections begins by avoiding "3 denseness". Conversely, many people already know that new coronavirus infectious diseases will spread unless "three density" is avoided. Even when a cluster infection occurred at a gay bar in South Korea, a large number of people gathered and were busy without wearing a mask. Even in the night towns of Tokyo, cabarets and host clubs, you'll probably be talking close without wearing a mask when you serve. New coronavirus infections can easily spread. In large izakaya, measures are taken to prevent the spread of infection, such as placing a screen between the seats. However, no measures may be taken at small privately-run izakaya. Such stores are often open until late at night or in the morning, and can become a hangout for people who miss the last train, which can lead to the spread of infection. Taking measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases will also be an important point in choosing stores.


Protect yourself from the second wave of new coronavirus infection.


 In Tokyo, the second wave of the new coronavirus infection has already started in the night town. Most of the infected people this time were young people, and there were many people who had no particular symptoms. You may unknowingly infect many people. If you work in Tokyo or drop in at work or school, try not to remove your mask. Try to clean your hands proactively and avoid hanging leather and handrails as much as possible. Avoid shopping and drinking in Tokyo. It is expected that there will already be many infected people.
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