新型コロナウイルス第二波流行時に、地震が起きたらどうなるのでしょうか?(What happens if an earthquake occurs during the second wave of the new coronavirus?)

2020/06/25 ブログ










I woke up at dawn in the magnitude 6.2 earthquake off the eastern coast of Chiba. It was a relatively large earthquake with a maximum seismic intensity of less than 5. Earthquakes occur regardless of the season, so be careful. It's also true that I was less alert to the earthquake because I was distracted by the new coronavirus epidemic. In fact, the global epidemic of the new coronavirus continues to grow. The number of new coronavirus infections worldwide has exceeded 9 million, and the number of deaths has reached nearly 500,000. Although it was temporarily ending in Japan, the number of new infections yesterday reached 96, including 55 in Tokyo. In fact, this number was comparable to 113 in Italy. It may be a sign that the second wave of the new coronavirus epidemic will be in full swing. On the other hand, Japan is a country where many natural disasters occur. In addition to weather disasters such as the new coronavirus epidemic and heavy rain, we must prepare for earthquakes. If you go to a shelter due to an earthquake, it is only possible when the earthquake is large and there is a risk of collapse of houses and tsunami. There will be damage such as power outages and water outages. What should I bring with me when I go to a shelter to reduce the risk of new coronavirus infection?


What do you want to have in the event of a major earthquake?


 In the event of a large earthquake, there will be surely a power outage and water outage. In addition to regular evacuation goods, you will need water and soap for hand washing, ethanol for disinfection, a mask, gloves and a fan (or fan). Water, soap and ethanol for disinfection may be available at the shelter, but there will be a limited number. If you're not running out of water, you'll be lucky. I think that disposable gloves for dyeing hair, which are sold at 100 yen, are good for gloves. This is to reduce the frequency of hand washing in environments where water and disinfectant are limited. This is because when we go to the shelter for food and water, we inevitably come into contact with the places that the unspecified majority touched. Try to avoid contact with people as much as possible in order to avoid the Second Dance of the Diamond Princess. In addition, the evacuation centers in summer are extremely hot, and it may be impossible to use air conditioners and fans due to the power outage. Fans and fans will not only be necessary for heat stroke measures at such shelters, but they can also be used for ventilation.


Infrastructure should be checked to prevent the spread of damage in the event of a disaster.


 Earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding of rivers can damage levees and breakwaters. Small cracks and cracks may gradually spread and unknowingly become large cracks. As a result, there is a danger of a catastrophic disaster such as a collapse. How about inspecting now? With an underwater drone, you can easily shoot videos of long breakwaters and levees. You can check with a large number of people by sharing the underwater breakwaters and levees that were taken with the cloud. We provide underwater drone rental service. In addition, we also dispatch operators, so please use it.