日本でも新型コロナウイルスのワクチンの治験が始まります。(A clinical trial of a new coronavirus vaccine will begin in Japan.)

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 Despite the haze caused by the announcement of new monitoring items in Tokyo, clinical trials of the new coronavirus vaccine will finally begin in Japan. This vaccine is a vaccine developed by a bio-venture company "Angesu" established by researchers at Osaka University. It is a type of vaccine called DNA vaccine, and the plan is to administer the spike protein gene on the surface of coronavirus to 30 healthy adults at Osaka City University Hospital. Spike proteins are produced in the human body, and antibodies that target the spike proteins are produced in the body. When new coronavirus enters the body, this antibody recognizes and eliminates it.
When transferring a gene from outside the body, the gene must be present in human cells in order to produce the target protein (this time, spike protein). Also, the protein produced must be secreted out of the cell. Maybe I cleared this area well.


Is this vaccine really effective?


There are other ways to target a vaccine that targets spike proteins. For example, a method of producing spiked proteins in cultured cells or eggs and injecting them into the body. It is called a peptide vaccine. Peptide vaccines have the advantage of being able to adjust the spike protein dose. In the case of genetic vaccines, I think there are many unclear points about how much is taken up by cells and how much protein production/secretion is performed by the taken-in cells. Neither the peptide vaccine nor the DNA vaccine is a system that makes antibodies by targeting spike proteins that are easily mutated, so it is not effective with the new coronavirus whose spike proteins have been mutated. Therefore, the efficacy of the Anges vaccine is expected to be limited. However, if it is found to be effective to some extent, it will be very useful in the treatment of the new coronavirus, so I would like you to succeed.


Vaccine development still has a long way to go


 Since DNA vaccine is an unprecedented vaccine, it will take time to confirm its efficacy and safety. However, although this method called DNA vaccine is not related to the novel coronavirus, it has already been approved at the animal level. Nevertheless, the following clinical trials are conducted because it is safety first.


The first stage to check the safety mainly by inoculating a small number of people, such as tens of people
Second step to inoculate hundreds of people and check the effectiveness in detail
Third stage of inoculation on the scale of thousands and further verification


 The safety and efficacy are confirmed in three stages, and the products approved by the national examination are commercialized. You can think of it as the first stage now.

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