新型コロナウイルス流行の第二波は、東京から始まりました。(The second wave of the new coronavirus epidemic started in Tokyo.)

2020/07/05 ブログ










The number of new cases of new coronavirus in Tokyo has exceeded 100 for three consecutive days. By age group, there are many cases where people in their 20s and 30s account for 70% or more. And more than 60% of the people infected are related to the night town. To make matters worse, people in Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa who are working in Tokyo are infected with the new coronavirus and are spreading to the Kanto region. If this situation continues, it will spread from Kanto to Tokai and Tohoku, and eventually the new coronavirus infection will spread throughout Japan. The second wave of new coronavirus infection has started in earnest.
The reason for this is that the third stage of the cancellation of the self-restraint request was too early, and the new coronavirus infections began from customers and employees of the restaurant business with entertainment. This "food and beverage business with entertainment" includes cabaret clubs, hosts, and bars with hostesses. To be honest, I think that it is a store that sells sex, so I think it is better to say "genre business". In a sense, it's like rumor damage for ramen shops and ordinary restaurants.


All can be said to be due to the election strategy of Governor Koike.


 Today is the election day for the Governor of Tokyo, but Governor of Koike is also running. At that time, if the third stage of self-restraint was not lifted, the economy would worsen and the governor-election would not have been won. As a result, it seems that the self-restraint of night town, which was pointed out by experts as premature, was lifted. After that, as the number of new coronaviruses newly infected increased, it was likely that it would be necessary to re-request sales restraint. Then, I deleted the new coronavirus warning level standard that was set once, and changed it to a standard that is not a numerical value. Is it possible to suppress the second wave of new coronavirus infection in the future by using a method like this post-issue rock-paper-scissors? Governor Koike, who is not on the sidelines and does not have the policy to do for his election, seems to be lax about the new coronavirus. In a sense, there is something similar to US President Trump.


Flooding will increase the number of people infected with the new coronavirus.


 Now, in Kumamoto prefecture, it is raining heavily and many victims are coming out. First of all, I would like to express my sympathy. However, there is a danger that this flood will occur not only in Kumamoto Prefecture but also in the Kanto region. Currently, most of the new coronavirus infected people in Tokyo are young people, and many of them are asymptomatic. If it becomes necessary to evacuate in the Kanto region due to heavy rain, asymptomatic patients infected with the new coronavirus and elderly people who are more likely to become seriously infected will gather at the shelters. The infection will spread soon and the number of people who need treatment will increase rapidly.
 The heavy rains this summer brought by typhoons and developed lows will not miss the weak areas of the levees. I think it should be inspected before now. We rent underwater drones. Inspecting the levee sidewalls with an underwater drone to reinforce the weak spots reduces the risk of collapse. Please use our underwater drone to prevent disasters.