新型コロナウイルス第二波は、第一波より深刻になるしかない状況です。(The second wave of the new coronavirus will only be more serious than the first wave.)

2020/07/20 ブログ









 最初の3つは新型コロナウイルス感染第一波の時に、言われていたことです。残りの3つは現在の第二波を乗り切るために必要な遵守事項です。「Go To トラベルキャンペーン」も含めて、「with コロナ」の生活様式に慣れるためにも、是非とも身に付けましょう。自分や自分の家族、友人、知人に迷惑をかけないためにも、大切です。


「with コロナ」の時代は、無人化の時代です。



 In March, when the new coronavirus was first epidemic in Japan, most policymakers were concerned about the collapse of medical care, considering the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. The public has responded to such attitudes and policies of the government officials and endured them. As a result, the first wave ended without causing a medical collapse. At that time, many therapeutic drugs and vaccine development against the new coronavirus were taken up, and some people with new coronavirus infection were recovered by the therapeutic drugs such as Avigan. However, during this peace of mind, the second wave of the new coronavirus infection that started at the end of June struck Japan. As a result of the government officials not taking any measures, in July, patients with new coronaviruses of the first wave and above emerged. The policymakers' unattended attitude made many people misunderstand new coronavirus infections. "New coronavirus infections are common among young people, and most of them are asymptomatic or mild patients, which does not lead to medical collapse." This Governor Koike's words were uttered to whom and for what purpose. Whether? Due to the characteristics of the new coronavirus, we ignored the known information that there is a high risk of spreading the infection because it is asymptomatic. Not only host clubs and cabaret clubs, we should call for refraining from sales of stores that do not take measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. It is no exaggeration to say that the second wave is not a natural disaster but a human disaster.


If there is no policy for the politician, there is no choice but to take measures individually.


 At present, the government, including the national and local governments, does not intend to take measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. No matter how lightly human beings look, new coronavirus infections are still dangerous infections. It is a reality that young people who were asymptomatic due to the new coronavirus suddenly changed their lives. In addition, it has become clear that aftereffects of mild disease remain and interfere with the subsequent life. The elderly and those with a preexisting condition are not the only dangers.
 In order to protect our own health and life, we need to strengthen the infectious disease prevention measures we have taken so far.


・Gargling hands thoroughly.
・Avoid "3 close".
・Wear a mask.
・Do not go to stores or events that are not protected against the new coronavirus.
・Comply with store rules where new coronavirus measures are taken.
・Do not overconfidence in the mask, and do not shout even if you are wearing the mask.


 The first three were said at the time of the first wave of new coronavirus infection. The remaining three are the necessary compliance items to survive the current second wave. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the “with Corona” lifestyle, including the “Go To Travel Campaign”. It's important not to bother yourself, your family, friends, and acquaintances.


The "with corona" era is an unmanned era.


  By contact between people. If a new coronavirus becomes infected, it is desirable to make it as unmanned as possible. When a specific person comes into contact with the general public, the number of concentrated contacts increases and the risk of spreading the infection is extremely high. Underwater drones can be used not only for underwater observation, but also for underwater dikes, piers, and aquaculture species. Share your footage online so you don't have to get together. Please use the underwater drone rental service of our company, a natural environment utilization development limited liability company.