新型コロナウイルスに対するポピドンヨードの効果は、不明です。(The effect of povidone iodine on the novel coronavirus is unknown.)

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 ポピドンヨードの新型コロナウイルスに対する抗ウイルス活性は、一応論文として発表されています。実際の論文は、2020年7月8日、「Infectious Disease and Therapy Journal 」に掲載されているようです。内容は、「ポビドンヨード(PVP-I)を有効成分とするBETADINE®製品(イソジン®)の 新型コロナウイルスに対する抗ウイルス効果を確認 ― 海外のIn vitro試験において99.99%の抗ウイルス効果を確認」という内容でした。このPVP-1の効果について、ムンディファーマという会社が様々なウイルスに対する効果を論文で発表してきました。ただし、Infectious Disease and Therapy Journal という科学雑誌がどうしても見つかりませんでした。また、In vitro という試験管内の実験なので、実用時に有効か否かは、不明です。端的に言えば、怪しい論文です。





 On August 5, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture tweeted, "At the interview on the 4th day of the new coronavirus infection, it was effective to use a mouthwash containing povidone-iodine to prevent the spread." Of course, gargling helps prevent new coronavirus infections. If gargling with a povidone-iodine gargle, is there an additional effect in preventing new coronavirus infections? What basis did Governor Yoshimura bring up Popidon iodine in the first place?


It was based on the results of a clinical trial of gargling with Popidone iodine.


 Governor Yoshimura argues, "When a new coronavirus-infected person was gargled with a mouthwash that had a virucidal effect, the percentage of positive saliva tests was reduced." It was the basis of This was based on the results of clinical trials in Osaka Prefecture and hospitals. However, it is extremely dangerous to reach a conclusion in a single clinical trial conducted by more than 40 people. For example, the result that the new coronavirus decreased in saliva PCR test did not necessarily indicate that the new coronavirus decreased. Popidone iodine is known to damage the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. It can be thought that the virus in the saliva decreased as a result of the virus in the oral cavity passing through the damaged mucous membrane and invading the cells. It is extremely dangerous to judge the efficacy of a drug based on the results of one clinical trial and information that has not been published in a paper. The results presented in the paper are the results of the reviewers' conclusions regarding the relevant clinical trial data, which were discussed by the examiners regarding their statistical validity and logical consistency. The conclusions cannot be drawn from the clinical trial results alone. Many doctors don't seem to be able to speak publicly, but to be clear, the efficacy and harm of popidone iodine is unknown.


Effectiveness of povidone-iodine published in papers


 The antiviral activity of povidone-iodine against the new coronavirus has been published as a paper. The actual paper seems to have been published in "Infectious Disease and Therapy Journal" on July 8, 2020. The content was "Confirmed the antiviral effect of BETADINE® products (Isodin®) containing povidone iodine (PVP-I) as an active ingredient against the new coronavirus-confirmed 99.99% antiviral effect in overseas in vitro tests." was. Regarding the effect of PVP-1, a company called Mundi Pharma has published in papers the effect against various viruses. However, I couldn't find the scientific journal Infectious Disease and Therapy Journal. In addition, since it is an in vitro experiment, it is unknown whether it is effective in practical use. To put it simply, it is a questionable paper.


The new coronavirus infection prevention measures remain unchanged.


 There is nothing special. 3. Avoid crowds, avoid eating in large groups, wear a mask, and gargling hands. There is no new workaround. That's why I overcame the first wave of fashion. Let's overcome the same problem this time.
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