福島県で強い地震が起きました。足柄下郡はほとんど被害なしでした。(A strong earthquake struck Fukushima prefecture. Ashigarashimo-gun was almost undamaged.)

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There was a strong earthquake in the middle of the night yesterday. The epicenter is off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, and it is said to be an aftershock of the Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago. In addition, when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred 10 years ago, a large earthquake first occurred, and 1-2 days later, a huge earthquake equivalent to the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. Let's be vigilant against earthquakes. A bigger earthquake may come. This time, due to the spread of coronavirus infection, the restaurant was refrained from opening at night. As a result, there were few fires and the damage was not so great. In fact, as of noon on the 14th, no one was killed. I think it is miraculous that the magnitude of the earthquake exceeded M7 and no one died in the strong shaking with a maximum seismic intensity of 6 or higher. In Manazuru Town, the maximum seismic intensity was 3, but it shook for quite a long time. I just remembered the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I had an intuition that a strong earthquake had occurred in the distance. I wondered if the Nankai Trough giant earthquake had finally occurred. After the shaking subsided, I checked the internet news and found that the epicenter was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, so I was worried about the tsunami. Fortunately, I was relieved because there was a follow-up report saying that I was not worried about the tsunami. Around April last year, when the coronavirus infection spread, a huge earthquake was on the alert. I think the evacuation center is also structured to protect the social distance. Since there was no tsunami this time, some people decided not to go to the shelter and stayed at home. However, the weather seems to be rough tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and in the Tohoku and Kanto regions, so there is a possibility of landslides near mountains and cliffs. If you are in danger of landslides, you should blame them.


Let's check the evacuation preparation.


 It has been reported that aftershocks may occur in the near future. Let's check the contents of the evacuation bag. Also, in order to prevent infection in the life of the shelter, it is good to prepare not only masks but also face masks, disposable gloves, and ethanol for disinfection. Be prepared with what you need so that you will not be infected with the new coronavirus in your life at the evacuation center and that you will feel at ease with each other. Of course, you also need your own tableware and toiletries such as cups. To prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection, most things cannot be shared, so be careful.


Be careful of the Nankai Trough giant earthquake.


 This time, the epicenter was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture. There is no doubt that the ground has moved again in this earthquake. As a result, it may have affected the Nankai Trough giant earthquake. Manazuru Town, western Kanagawa Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture were far from the epicenter, so there was no damage to the buildings. However, with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the topic of the Nankai Trough giant earthquake has been buried. The Nankai Trough giant earthquake will surely come in the near future. I hope this earthquake will be an opportunity to call attention.

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