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FIFISH V6 姉妹機の映像も確認できます。

 水中ドローンは購入時、テストをさせてくれる販売店は、あまりありません。そのため、水中ドローンを使って、どのような映像が撮影できるのか、購入して自分で撮影するまで分かりません。今回のFIFISHグローバルコミュニティの映像を見ると、FIFISH V6の姉妹機で撮影した映像を確認できます。例えば、FIFISH V6 plusは、通常のFIFISH V6の前部にアームが装着されています。アームがどのように画面に映っているのか、このグローバルコミュニティを通して、確認が出来ます。実際、アームは画面の中央付近まで映っていて、アームを使った作業を行う場合、分かりやすく作業しやすいと思いました。しかし、綺麗な海底や湖底の映像撮影や、地形観察などを行う場合、アームは邪魔となるでしょう。まだ、FIFISHV6 ExpertやFIFISH PRO W6の映像は確認できていません。特に最上位機であるFIFISH PRO W6の映像は、是非見てみたいと思います。




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FIFISH global community provided by QYSEA has started.

 Last week, the FIFISH Global Community, which I was planning to introduce, was launched. You can access it from the FIFISH app. It seems to be a dedicated site where you can upload still images and videos you have taken. It is divided into categories such as creatures and topography, and you can upload it to the category that matches the subject you photographed. It's a fun community just to see what kind of creatures and topography other people are shooting.

You can also check the video of the FIFISH V6 sister machine.

 There are not many dealers that let you test underwater drones when you purchase them. Therefore, I do not know what kind of images I can shoot using an underwater drone until I purchase it and shoot it myself. If you look at the footage from the FIFISH Global Community this time, you can check the footage shot with the sister machine of FIFISH V6. For example, FIFISH V6 plus has an arm attached to the front of regular FIFISH V6. Through this global community, you can check how the arm is reflected on the screen. In fact, the arm is reflected up to the center of the screen, and I thought it was easy to understand and work when working with the arm. However, the arm will be a hindrance when shooting images of the beautiful seabed or lake bottom, or when observing topography. We have not yet confirmed the images of FIFISHV6 Expert and FIFISH PRO W6. In particular, I would like to see the video of FIFISH PRO W6, which is the top model.

The FIFISH global community also keeps you up to date.

 QYSEA has announced that it will publish the latest information in the global community it started this time. Until now, various functions have been added to FIFISH in the form of app updates. You'll know what features will be added after the app is updated. I'm often surprised by new features, but honestly, it would be helpful if they were announced first. Because it will prepare you to try new features.

It will be interesting to see how QYSEA manages this global community. For simple video and photo upload sites, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are better. This is because the number of site visitors is uneven and the number of people who watch videos is overwhelmingly large. Also, videos taken with an underwater drone require editing. You can download recorded or shot videos and photos from the FIFISH main unit and edit them on your computer. It is easier to upload the edited video to YouTube as it is rather than uploading it to the global community through the FIFISH app. It may not be exciting without some special benefits unique to the FIFISH global community. Still, I think QYSEA's efforts to develop underwater drones are wonderful.

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